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David Hayden

2011 David at World Imagine Cup PresentationDavid was working on dual undergraduate degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science, when he encountered an unexpected difficulty. Three senior-level math classes did not employ a textbook, as all his previous math classes had. All teaching was done from the board at the front of the classroom. David needed to use a monocular to see the board, and he was not able to take notes fast enough to keep up with the fast-paced board presentations. As the semester progressed, he eventually fell far enough behind that he was forced to drop all three classes. Then he was faced with the very real possibility that he might not be able to finish his Math degree. Meanwhile, David had volunteered as a student researcher in the CUbiC research lab at Arizona State University. After brainstorming with John Black on how he might employ technology to solve his problem, David submitted a small proposal to the lab for funds to assemble a proof-of-concept Note-Taker prototype, using off-the-shelf components along with software of his own design. While primitive, this initial prototype proved spectacularly successful. David re-enrolled in the same three senior math classes, and finished all three classes with a grade of