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Liqing Zhou

Liqing's GraduationLiqing Zhou is a talented product designer, with a keen sense of aesthetics and ergonomics. She was pursuing a Masters Degree in Product Design when she joined the Note-Taker team during the development of the 2nd generation Note-Taker prototype. Her prior experience included the design of a camera for people who are blind at Samsung, providing her with an ideal background for assistive technology work on the Note-Taker team. Liqing joined the Note-Taker team because she was impressed with the other team members, and felt that the project provided her with a great opportunity to gain experience working in an engineering environment like the one that she would be working in after graduation. Upon joining the Note-Taker team Liqing: (1) conducted a comprehensive review of the assistive technology market for people with visual disabilities, to find and evaluate other technologies that might be related or useful to the Note-Taker project (2) performed a needs analysis with students at the Arizona State University Disability Resource Center (3) conducted usability testing of the 2nd generation prototype with low vision and legally blind students on the campus of Arizona State University (4) designed an aesthetically pleasing mock-up for the 3rd generation pan-tilt-zoom Note-Taker camera prototype (5) designed and fabricated the 3D printed plastic housing for the Note-Taker 3.0 pan-tilt-zoom video camera. Liqing’s camera design won Second Prize in the 2011 International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) Competition, which is recognized for bringing international recognition and attention to exceptional product designs. Her camera design has now been added to the permanent historical technology collection in the Henry Ford Museum, in Dearborn Michigan. Liqing feels that the Note-Taker project has provided her with an excellent opportunity to work closely with engineers and computer scientists toward the development of a product that will significantly improve the life of its users. Liqing graduated from Arizona State University in December of 2010, and is now working as a product designer for the General Electric appliance division in Kentucky, designing consumer products, where she works with engineers to develop products that not only fully satisfy the needs of consumers, but also appeal to their sense of beauty and simplicity.